Subaru Canada
Subaru Canada

Subaru – Infotainment Walk-Throughs

  • Goal Provide comprehensive instruction on ever element of Subaru's Infotainment system
  • Branded Content Solution Subaru Infotainment Walk-Through Series

In this series for Subaru Canada, we produced 24 videos aimed at guiding new vehicle owners through every function of their 3rd generation infotainment systems for their Subaru vehicle. The videos serve as a video version of a manual for their vehicle’s infotainment system, clearly walking through each element, from apps, to radio, to controls & settings. The videos are available in both French and English versions for a Canadian audience, and are hosted on Subaru Canada’s YouTube channel.


8-inch Infotainment System – Controls and Settings


6.5-inch Infotainment System – Phone