About GCS


We’re a team of video producers, editors and writers dedicated to telling the story of your brand in a creative and captivating way. From small shoots, to that “big idea” we can handle the entire process, from ideation to execution. And because we’re a part of the VerticalScope media company, with 100 million monthly unique visitors across its 1,000+ websites, we can serve as a publishing and distribution platform for your unique branded content too.


Thomas Waschenfelder – Sr. Director

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Thomas Waschenfelder is an LA-based producer who has been with the Geared Content Studios team since 2016. He’s produced content for major, internationalbrands like Hyundai, Toyota, Subaru, Dolby, Yamaha and many more.Before joining GCS, Thomas produced unscripted TV for networks like

Discovery and History channel, working on shows like Ice Road Truckers. He currently lives in LA with his wife and small dog.



Chris Blanchette – Director of Photography

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A seasoned Director and DP, Chris has a passion for film making and all things creative. From sketch comedy, to short films, documentaries, and commercials, Chris has shot it all. He has directed and shot hundreds of productions for top level brands such as Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai, Dolby, Yamaha, and many more. He has a keen eye and is a perfectionist for everything in the frame. When he’s not working, he’s either playing hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, or working on endless home renovations.



Ashley DeVries – Producer

Profile picture of Ashley Product at Geared ContentAshley is a Producer on a mission to create meaningful content that connects people in a disconnected world. From story development to production management, she produces branded content for major brands like Subaru, Kia, John Deere, Hyundai, Yamaha, and more.

A graduate of Ryerson University holding a BA in Media Production and a life-long lover of all things video, she has spent her life diligently working to bring better content to people globally. She lives in Toronto with her fiancée and their many house plants.




Our mission is to tell the story of your brand in a captivating and authentic way. Born from the story-telling experts at the VerticalScope media company, Geared Content Studios knows how to craft unique ideas that will resonate with our audience of influencers. We do it creatively, understanding the importance of stunning visuals and a compelling narrative. But more importantly, we tell our stories with authenticity, so as to share in a larger goal; enabling the world to discover knowledge on subjects they love.