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Honda Talon – Best Off-Road Trails & Series

  • Goal Support Honda's "Life is Better SXS" campaign for the Honda Talon
  • Branded Content Solution Interactive Best Off-Road Trails HUB & Talon Video Series

To support Honda’s “Life is Better SXS” campaign for the Honda Talon SXS machine, we created an interactive Best Off-Road Trails HUB section on complete with 50 state-specific articles, along with a hosted lifestyle video and a 5-part feature-focused video series on the Talon. The content supports the messaging and goals of the Honda Talon campaign while targeting our unique in-market enthusiast audience.

The HUB is hosted on and videos on YouTube channel, with distribution across its social channels.


Best Off-Road Trails HUB on

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Video Series

Honda’s Favorite Trail – Jawbone Canyon

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