Acura USA
Acura USA

Acura – ILX Comparison Series

  • Goal Create editorial-style review content to be found in search to help conquest mid-funnel car shoppers.
  • Branded Content Solution Acura ILX Comparison Series

To get the Acura ILX into the conversation amongst entry-level luxury car shoppers, we created a four part video series comparing the ILX and how it stands out against four major segment competitors, including the Audi A3, BMW 2 Series and Mercedes CLA-Class. Published on website and Acura YouTube channel, the careful SEO titles were chosen to help this content rank highly and deliver long-term organic views from active mid-funnel car shoppers comparing between the ILX and a major competitor.

Acura ILX vs. Nissan Altima

Acura ILX vs. Mercedes-Benz CLA

Acura ILX vs. Audi A3

Acura ILX vs. BMW 2-Series