Hyundai Canada
Hyundai Canada

Hyundai Canada – IONIQ Campaign

  • Goal Eliminate confusion about the IONIQ, Hyundai's New Line of Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles
  • Branded Content Solution "Hyundai IONIQ Driving Range" and "Busting Myths About Green Cars” Videos

For this campaign for Hyundai Canada, we produced two videos promoting the release of their brand new line of hybrid and electric vehicles: the Hyundai IONIQ. The first video focuses on the driving range and capabilities of the IONIQ vehicles, eliminating consumer confusion about each model, while the second breaks down myths about electric and hybrid cars. Both videos feature shots of the IONIQ in action, highlights of the features, and helpful information on the vehicles. The videos were posted live on Hyundai Canada’s YouTube page, posted natively on and its channels, and shared across our top Hyundai forum Facebook pages.


Which Type of Green Car is Right For You?

In “Which Type of Green Car is Right For You?”, our host Jason test drives all three IONIQ vehicles by driving them across the province, showing the extensive range of the electric, hybrid, and electric plus vehicles.


Busting 5 Myths About Green Cars with the IONIQ

In “Busting 5 Myths About Green Cars with the IONIQ”,’s Editor-In-Chief Jodi Lai uses the Hyundai IONIQ to break down the biggest doubts consumers have about green cars in comparison to non-electric vehicles.